Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home Birth on the Rise

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Using birth certificate data from around the United States during 1990-2006, the CDC has just released a report on Trends in Out of Hospital Birth. It is a promising report detailing the uptake in out of hospital births in 2005 and sustained in 2006. Here are a few interesting and encouraging findings:

  • Home births were less likely than hospital births to be preterm, low birth weight, or multiple deliveries.
  • An increase in out of hospital birth also took place in Canada in the years studied.
  • Women who are non-Hispanic white, over 25, and married, were more likely to have an out of hospital birth.
  • Women born outside of the US were less likely to have an out of hospital birth than those born in the US.
  • In 2006 64.7% of the out of hospital birth were home births and 28% took place in freestanding birth centers.
  • 61% of home births were delivered by midwives - 16% by Certified Nurse Midwives and 45% by other midwives (which would most likely be Certified Professional Midwives, although the report doesn't specifically state their titles)
I hope this upward trend in out of hospital birth continues. For healthy moms and babes, there is nothing more joyful and empowering than welcoming your baby into this world, in the comfort and serenity of one's own home. For more information on midwives in your area, check out the Midwives Alliance of North America website, where you can search for a qualified midwife in your area and learn more about the Certified Professional Midwife educational process. Happy birthing to you all!!

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