Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fatimah Elaine

If you noticed that I haven't posted lately, look above for the best excuse ever! Welcome to my baby girl Fatimah Elaine, named after her two great grandmothers. Here are her stats:

  • Gestated one full month longer than her big brother.
  • First contraction to last push was two hours.
  • Born in the water in our bedroom with one amazing midwife and her wonderful student..
  • Birthed in four pushes.
  • 14" head (!)
  • 7'13"
  • 21" long
  • Loved and adored by many.
Thanks for all of your support. Posting will be light for awhile. If you are a midwifery client, I am taking clients with due dates of September and beyond. Thanks again. Keep us in your prayers and good thoughts!!!


  1. awesome!!!!!!!!! congrats and may she be as wonderful as everyone she was named after.