Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mother's Milk Tonic

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Ayurvedic medicine believes that most mothers after giving birth to a baby have an aggravated vata dosha, an element that relates to air and wind.  There are things that aggravate vata, here is a list; irregular routine, staying up late, irregular meals, cold, dry weather, excessive mental work, too much bitter, astringent or pungent food, traveling, and/or injury.   If you ask me, the first three could relate to all mothers, pregnant, postpartum, nursing and beyond!  I have found this Ayurvedically inspired milk tonic to be wonderful, not to mention delicious, in grounding and warming me.

1 cup of whole milk (preferably raw)
5 cardamom pods
4 cloves
1 2-3 inch cinnamon stick
pinch of ground ginger
pinch of nutmeg
1-2 tsp ghee
honey to taste

Add the spices to the milk.  (My husband swears that you have to bite the cardamom pods until the crack in order for them to taste authentic.  So if you want "authentic", bite away.... ) Heat the milk on the stove until it forms bubbles. Take the milk off the stove and strain into a mug.  Add the ghee. The ghee makes it even hotter somehow.  Wait to taste it until it cools slightly.  Add the honey to taste.

The oiliness, warmth, and gentle spices all team up to tame vata imbalances. It is wonderful as a night cap, its spices lingering in your mouth as you drift off, infusing your dreams.  For pregnancy, it is a great source of calcium and healthy fats.  It is wonderful for pregnancy induced insomnia or stress.  For postpartum, it gently  ignites, or shall I say, reignites, the digestive fires while nourishing new mothers.  It is also great for nursing mothers as the spices can be calming to the digestive system and can help cranky  babies.  For mothers with grown babies, or between children, it is a wonderful way to nourish yourself after a long day of raising those babies! 

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  1. Salaam sister

    I have been making this every night for a few years as well, minus the nutmeg, so lovely to hear about the benefits of the spices. Where did get the recipe from?

    Thank you for a lovely blog :)

    1. Salaams! Isn't it a wonderful drink at nighttime? I have tweaked the recipe over the years to suit my taste. It's originally from an Ayurvedic book I have.

      Love your blog as well. Congratulations on your daughter!!

  2. I have started adding nutmeg now and I quite like it.
    My in-laws are Afghan and they are also religious about biting the cardamom :)

    Thank you :) I am trying it out (blogging) as a little maternity leave project.

  3. Your blog is beautiful. Much success to you and yours insha'Allah. I have to admit, I bite the cardamom too now! Glad you are enjoying the nutmeg.

  4. Thank you for the info about cardamom:-)