Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amnah's Birth Story

Amnah has written up a beautiful birth story, one I was blessed to midwife.   She was a pleasure to serve, always excited, reinvigorating my commitment to midwifery with her enthusiasm at each visit.  It was a pleasure to experience her hospitality and friendship, as well as her delicious baking at each visit.   Check out her blog as well, the recipes are a sure hit with your family! Here is my favorite line from her birth story:

Head. “Ring of fire”.  Shoulders. Body. Bottom. Legs. Umbilical cord.  I felt it all.  And then I felt no pain.  ”Which of the favors of your Lord do you then deny?” {Qur’an 55:13} My baby was here.

Isn't birth like that, simple, yet  otherworldly all at once?! Welcome baby Z.


  1. Asalaamu alaikum

    When I read her story I didn't realize that it was you who was the midwife! I'm one of your first followers...I had 3 babies at home with midwives and would have had more if they let me.

    1. salaams! small world, huh?:) it is hard to go to the hospital for births after home births. i'm sure it was all for good reason though. hope you and the family are well!

  2. Asalaamu Aalaikum Shannon, I was also in touch with Amanah when I told her I was a doula she told me about you. Subhanallah, small world indeed. Anyway, happy to see you back. Missed your wonderful blog.

  3. hello umm zakariya! so good to hear from you! i am trying to get back to blogging. lots of good ideas bouncing around. now just to find the time to do them....check in again soon. take care!