Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pampers and Home Birth?!

While midwives are being arrested for attending births here, and here, sentenced to two years in prison for attending births here - Pampers is bringing home birth into the mainstream. A water birth at that! Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better - whatever it is, a change is in the air. I hope the best for all of the aforementioned midwives, I pray that their struggles are not in vain, that midwifery is once again a viable option for women around the world!!


  1. Ameen to your duas... and yes I was surprised to see this but glad that the Natural birth movement is finally getting some recognition! Alhumdulillah.

  2. i didn't realize that it was from canada until after i posted this, but that does make more sense. they are more open to home birth and midwives correct?

  3. Well... we are working towards it but Alhumdulillah midwifery is recognized by the government and is covered by health care just as an OB would be. There is a joke among my colleagues about getting a midwife as soon "as you pee on a stick" because it is very hard to get one!

    People are very open to birthing centers and hospital births with midwifes... I have not had any clients with home births- but that could just be amongst the muslim community. Its still a foreign concept amongst our community, I am working hard to create awareness and educated.

    Please rem me in your duas!