Monday, January 10, 2011

Hakima Midwifery is Expanding Services!!

I'm so excited to announce that I am now offering two new services at Hakima Midwifery. In July I took a grueling exam, passed, and am now officially an IBCLC, or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant!! I am so excited to be working with moms and babes to help cement their breastfeeding relationship. I do in home lactation consultations as well as Skype visits. Skype visits are great for women overseas, or in areas where lactation consultations are not available. They are also great for follow up visits. Here is more information about the visits.

After having my second water birth, I am an even bigger water birth aficionado. So much so, that I have decided to rent out birth tubs. And not just any birth tubs, eco birth tubs! They are the same tub I delivered my little girl in, and they are just so amazing. There is no harmful plastics, no off gassing, and the sides are so firm, offering the laboring mama wonderful support. Here is the link with tons more information.

Thanks all for your support. Please contact me with any questions and spread the good word!


  1. i was hoping your services were expanding to include overseas births. (sigh) ;)
    masha'Allah, the californian moms are blessed to have you! keep up the good work! barak Allahu feek!

  2. thanks for the sweet comment!! where are you? are there no midwives in your area? i always thought it would be glamorous and so fun to fly in somewhere for a delivery! may allah make it easy for you!!

  3. i'm in oman, where there are plenty of midwives but homebirthing is not allowed. :(
    alhamdulillah, i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl six weeks ago- in a hospital- but we are both well and at least some of my wishes were achieved. however, if i have another while we're still here, i may have to fly you in! ;)

  4. Mabrook! I've hard wonderful things about Oman. May Allah bless you both!!