Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Birth Videos

I bring you two home birth videos. The first is a first time couple, birthing at home on their Oregon farm. It is a mini-documentary and one of the most modest home birth films I have seen, yet very real and moving. The second is from a documentary I have blogged about before, The Doula Film. It is a second time mom birthing at home in the UK. She is incredibly calm and composed throughout the birth, particularly whilst pushing. Enjoy.

I hope to post on Ramadan for pregnant and nursing moms in the next day or two. Ramadan begins here tomorrow so we are making goodies and preparing today. There is a sister conducting a study on whether or not fasting in Ramadan while nursing impacts baby weight gain, and/or milk supply. She is hoping to get more participants. If you are interested please email her at - until then enjoy the videos and Ramadan Kareem!!


  1. Jazaki Allahu Khayran for this video. I myself will be having my second child at home inshAllah and I have not once come across such a calm and gentle home birth video. I am not having a water birth (even though I fully understand the advantages of one), but nonetheless it is so nice and reassuring to see how much in control a woman can be when she is in her own environment and so in tune with her own body. Very empowering.

  2. @Yumna - Congrats!! Isn't that birth so amazing? She is very calm. Insha'Allah your birth is just as calm and oh so empowering! Thanks for reading!