Friday, April 9, 2010

The Immense Ocean

The Immense Ocean: Al-Bahr al-Madid: A Thirteenth Century Quranic Commentary on the Chapters of the All-Merciful, the Event, and Iron (Fons Vitae Quranic Commentaries Series)

"All who are in the heavens and upon earth ask of Him
Every day He is in some task."
Quran (55:29)

This is a tafsir on the 54th hizb of the Qur'an from the great Moroccan scholar, Ahmad ibn 'Ajiba. It is a wonderful translation of a work rarely available in English. It's available here. Last night I was struck by the commentary on the above verses. Here is the commentary:

"Concerning this verse, I heard our Shaykh, Sidi al-Tawudi Ben Suda, may God have mercy upon him, say, " Among His tasks is to make ready, every day, three multitudes [of souls]: those which enter the wombs, those which are born into the world, and those which enter the graves."

I like this reassurance. For those of you trying to conceive, for those of you waiting to deliver, and for all of us waiting to enter the graves, this presents a solace and a guidance, that this is not our tasks, that Allah will bring manifest these destinies in His time. What do we then need Pitocin for? With Allah's Mercy and Help, babies will be born when He makes their souls ready.

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