Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem - To a Ten Months Child

Still Pregnant After All These Weeks by hexodus....
Still Pregnant After all These Weeks by Hexodus

This is for all of you mothers who have had the distinct pleasure of going past your due date. Enjoy!

To a Ten Months Child

Late arrival, no
One would think of blaming you
For hesitating so.

Who, setting his hand to knock
At a door so strange as this one,
Might not draw back?

Certainly, once admitted,
You will be made to feel
Like one of the invited.

Still, because you come
From so remote a kingdom,
You may feel out of place,

Tongue-tied and shy among
So many strangers, all
Babbling with a strange tongue.

Well, that's no disgrace.
So might any person
So recently displaced,

Remembering the ocean,
So calm, so lately crossed.

-Donald Justice (1925- )

Also please head over to Rickshaw Diaries to read her post on her upcoming labor. She is extending a lovely gesture.

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